Feel the overwhelming realism with high-definition video advertisements.

Short-term advertisements to long-term advertisements are available. Contact us through our channel and consult in detail about billboard advertising across the country, including Hongdae, Myeongdong, Gangnam, and Samseong-dong.

Period : 

More than 1 day, each building has a different minimum execution period.

Make sure to check the schedule beforehand.

Euljiro Changgang Building
Samseong station Luceen Tower
Samseong station COEX Media Parnas Tower
Samseong station Superior Tower
Gangnam station City building G-vision
Gangnam station Gyujeong building
Gangnam station Jumpmilano bigsite
Myeongdong digital canvas
Hongdae Scarlet building
Hongdae Sangjin building

Hongdae M-screen