Yongsan IPARK Mall Media Wall

This media wall was renewed in 2023 and upgraded to the top-end LED.

Operated as one IPARK Mall~Yongsan station entrance(11m*2m) and one Yongsan station Square~Yongsan station entrance(7m*2m).

Operating hours: 6:00AM~12:00AM, more than 100 exposures a day/20 second video.

1 week KRW 2,000,000(VAT excluded)

2 weeks KRW 3,500,000(VAT excluded)

*1 unit for 2 weeks is also possible(1 Unit KRW 2,000,000/VAT excluded)

Period : 

1 week / 2 weeks / 3 weeks / 1 month

Make sure to check the schedule beforehand.